Halloween – Too Dark Too Early

I took this picture at 5:00 PM. It’s dark outside. Sure, the sky has some color left, but it’s fading fast and it’s certainly not enough to illuminate anything you might want to do outside.

We’ve left Daylight Saving Time for Standard Time. We’ve crested the hill on the roller coaster to winter. When it’s dark in the afternoon, it’s depressing.

We thought trick or treaters would be here early, this being Sunday and all. So far, none! This is not a good sign.

We live on a very quiet street. It’s a street without a streetlight, what used to be called a dead end, but now is quaintly labeled a cul de sac (my dictionary shows the words are synonyms). There will be lots of leftover candy. There will be few trick or treaters.

4 thoughts on “Halloween – Too Dark Too Early”

  1. Geoff,

    This is not the first time I have seen a negative angle on winter from you. Is it the stress of work in the winter? I personally love winter and the change it brings. The smell of the fires at night, the holidays with family, and the excitement of the possiblity of staying home from work (I am a teacher). These are some of my favorite things. Just wondering what you dislike so much about it. I would think a weatherman would love it! You could always be a weatherman in the Bahamas…lol.

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