More Photo Rating

My picture is being judged fairly consistently, so the rating has moved a few hundredths of a point to 3.8375. There has been another comment, and I think this is what will keep my final score low:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to grainy and also looks out of focus. Not trying to offend you but this is just plainly an “ugly” photograph IMO. Only thing I like about it is the composition but that is it. 1

A “1.” He gave me a “1.” Good grief, life is cruel.

4 thoughts on “More Photo Rating”

  1. I wouldn’t be too put off about those comments. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I actually think that’s a really nice picture, and the grainy look adds to it IMO.

    Nice work!

  2. Nothing is more irksome (too lazy to look to see if that’s a word) than someone who says a photo is way too grainy. How boring when they’re all razor sharp. Don’t let the non-artistic types get you down. I really like it~ lovely eye, by the way.

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