Dinner With The Foxes

Tonight, I got to go to Steffie’s favorite Florida restaurant… or so I have been told. Steffie will have to actually verify this.

Sweet Tomatoes is located in Boca Raton. Boca Raton… that’s rat’s mouth, right? I’ll let it slide this time.

To get to the restaurant we had to drive past at least three hundred other restaurants, so obviously my parents are fond of it. Now I am too.

Sweet Tomatoes is in a strip shopping center. There’s nothing special from the outside. Once you get inside, things are a little strange. You’re immediately at the head of a long salad bar. It’s a good salad bar – though I’ve seen better.

What makes this restaurant special is that after the salad bar you can help yourself to soup, baked goods including excellent deep dish pizza, pasta and dessert. The whole meal was $8.99.

I’d go back, and if Steffie would let me, I’d take her.

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