Don’t Talk To Me About The Super Bowl

There is unanimity of opinion. The Eagles will get blown out by the Patriots. As an Eagles fan this is disheartening.

Of course I choose not to believe that.

This opinion is widely held by the sports intelligencia but repeated by everyone who has ever seen a game… and many who haven’t. People feel obliged, knowing I’m an Eagles fan, to make sure I know. Thanks.

I will say this. The mouthing off of Freddy Mitchell and Terrell Owens’ possible return are both distractions. The Pats seem cool and collected while the Eagles are acting as if they’ve snuck into a bar with a phony ID.

It is surprising so many Connecticut residents are ready to back the Pats. Have people already forgotten how Robert Kraft played us like the discard in a high school love triangle? What he did to Connecticut was mean spirited, to say the least&#185.

Luckily none of this matters. Only what happens on the field will be meaningful. I think (hope) the Eagles are up to the task.

&#185 – Astoundingly, Governor Rowland’s press release on this matter is still posted on the web. How could the highest officials in the state have been that naive?

5 thoughts on “Don’t Talk To Me About The Super Bowl”

  1. I’m ready to celebrate an EAGLES victory! Being a Red Sox fan too, you never know what can happen. To tell you the truth, I can’t believe the # of Philadelphia fans there are in Cheshire. We are selling balloons in the flower shop and I keep running out of EAGLES one’s. Anyway, I can’t sleep I’m so excited for Sunday! GO EAGLES!!!!!!

  2. I too am looking forward to Sunday. I’ll be sporting my Eagles jersey and hopefully won’t be let down. I’m tired of hearing about this ‘dynasty’ of the Patriots and wish they would give the Eagles a bit more credit. I’m just glad to hear that there are more Eagles fans in CT than just my family and me.

  3. Fly Eagles Fly!

    I think the game on Sunday will come down to execution. When the Eagles have been “on”, they have been as close to unstoppable as any team in the league. They seem to match up well against the Pats, a team that most analysts seem to drool over. I think it will be a great game. It’s also good to know I won’t be the only one wearing a #5 jersey in CT! E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!

  4. Being the so called victim in the Pats-Hartford deal is over-blown. Can we believe anything from the Rowland admin? The fact that the Pats have had such unreal success in this salary cap, free agent era is incredible. 32 of their last 34 games. Squeaky clean Tom Brady leading the way…The Pats will do it again. Please drop the animosity toward the team for some behind the scenes “agreement” with Kraft and Johnny. The PLAYERS are awesome and we are part New England!! Go Pats


  5. I am not trying to put down the Patriots at all. I think they are a good team, and I have no problem saying that. I am just tired of listening about them, while all other teams of are put down. I can’t recall hearing anything truly positive about any other team. So I shall wear my #36 Eagles jersey and Fly with the team!

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