It Is So Windy

On the right side of this web page is… well, is too much, I have too much there. That aside for a moment, there is a listing of the current conditions from Connecticut’s official weather reporting sites. Our wind is currently gusting at 25-35 mph.

You can hear it whistling through tiny spaces in the house. You can hear the rustle outside as anything not tied down flies down the street.

Today is also trash day.

Last night Helaine took our three trash cans to the curb. This morning, before dawn, they were emptied and left about where they were.

When she went to retrieve them there were three cans but now only two lids.

It’s possible we’ll find that third lid. It, like those shoes you see along the side of a road, has tried to escape in the past. It has hidden in the tall grass until someone went and fetched it. It has come close to the end of our street and freedom.

Let’s say, for the sake of this entry, we don’t find the lid. How do you get rid of a trash can? You can’t just leave it at the curb – they’d never understand. I think it might well be impossible to dispose of a trash can without some form of disguise for it.

We’d better find the lid or be stuck with one empty can for the rest of our lives.

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