My Invitation Must Have Gotten Misplaced

50 Cent, the former drug dealer, hopefully former thug and current rap multimillionaire, threw a party last night at his mansion in Farmington last night. My invitation must have gotten misplaced.

This was a major deal. Lots of ink, lots of air time.

A friend, one of many, at a Hartford radio station sent me this.

I’ll have to make sure to avert my eyes.

50 Cent (or FITTY as we, his neighbors call him since he moved into Mike Tyson’s place a 1/4 mile from here) is coming to our Hip Hop station this morning and his people warned us — no autographs, no approaching him, no looking at him.

The cops are coming to shut down the road and only station employees with ID will be allowed in.

I cant beleive I cant get an autograph!!!

With all the RIAA kvetching of the past few years, I can’t believe how much money there still is to be made in recordings. Call me old – I just don’t want to say music in this case.

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