What’s His Name

We went for pizza last night. On the way out, I walked ahead with Stef and Helaine a few steps behind. They were far enough back to hear someone at a table comment, “Isn’t that what’s his name?”

That’s me – what’s his name.

Unless this is also posted on whatshisname.com, he’ll never know they heard.

3 thoughts on “What’s His Name”

  1. Geoff- sometime after the storm calms down, I’d like to hear your 20 year + take on New Haven pizza. And I mean detailed and scientific- you don’t have to pick a favorite or anything like that- I’d just like your analysis on Sally’s, Pepe’s, Modern, Naples, Yorkside, Abbate, etc.

    Do your wife and daughter have different opinions than you? My girlfriend and I used to fight over it (I married her, so we overcame it), but I was a Modern fan- she liked Pepe’s. My main concern was always wherever I could park first I would go. And with a 1990 Dodge Colt you could be creative, but not on Wooster Street or even State.

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