Cleaning My Office

I have an office here at home. I’m not sure of the official definition of office. Its got a desk and computers and crap… lots of crap.

I’m not from a family that threw things out. In our little apartment in Queens, the walls were closing in because of all the things pushed up against them.

I particularly share my father’s obsession of never throwing out a wire or cable. You just never know. Someday, somewhere, someone will need that power cable from a Commodore 64 or the adapter you use so you can hook up cable TV instead of rabbit ears – and I’ll be ready!

The same goes for computer components. Need an ISA&#185 modem? How about an AT keyboard? Here’s a motherboard for a computer 1/50 the speed of today’s state-of-the-art.

My bigger problem is creating 5 pieces of trash from one. An envelope will arrive. I open it and remove the paperwork inside. Now each piece of paper and the envelope find a space. Each is on its own never to be reunited.

Cleaning my room is reminiscent of an archaeological dig. You start near the present, but as you work your way down through the piles you go further and further back in time.

Here’s what I learned in today’s straightening. I need to do a major reconstruction. Otherwise, this clutter problem will reappear before the week is out.

&#185 – ISA and AT describe standards which in turn specifies the pin spacing on these components. They are incompatible with everything anyone is still using as a computer.

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