Another Privacy Problem

I don’t want this to become the privacy blog, but I’m going to post one more story of data aggregators gone bad. Another revelation that those who have all our personal data… stuff you’d never willingly give out to strangers, have a somewhat cavalier attitude in how they protect it.

The British-Dutch publisher Reed Elsevier said today that hackers had stolen identification and passwords from the government records unit of its LexisNexis division and may have fraudulently used that data to obtain further information about as many as 32,000 people in the United States

Originally I said I didn’t think legislation would follow. If these companies keep playing like the Keystone Cops, they may create an uproar from the public that will be tough not to follow.

One thought on “Another Privacy Problem”

  1. I received a letter from Webster Bank yesterday stating that my Visa Check Card had been identified as one whose security had been compromised. This is getting rather scary.

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