More Sights From The Balcony

While Helaine and Stef were getting dressed I had the opportunity to do a little more snooping from the balcony. Though it’s 20 miles or so away, I can clearly see the planes landing at LAX. Yes, there’s a little haze, but considering the distance, it’s not bad at all.

Over to our left is the 20th Century Fox studio. Back in the day, the land this hotel stands on was part of the Fox ‘back lot’. That’s, I suppose, how it got the name “Century City,” from 20th Century Fox.

I really can’t see much inside their property, but there is one interesting site. On the side of what I think is a sound stage is a huge poster of Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell for the movie “The Seven Year Itch.”

I’m not sure why it’s there, but from this vantage it is definitely larger than life.

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