The Photographer’s Quandary

I’ve been going over my 1300+ photos from the vacation. It is not a simple process. Before I consider which ones to put on the website or which ones to print there are a few steps that must be taken… like preserving the originals and then making smaller copies.

In photography size is important! When you print you need as many pixels as you can get. That’s why people clamor for 6, 8, and even higher megapixel cameras.

When you email photos, size counts too. If you send the original, it’s usually bigger than the screen. That makes for cumbersome viewing. For email 640×480 or 800×600 suffice. In fact they’re optimal.

As I’ve come across some shots I like, I have thrown them into Photoshop to try and make them look as good as is possible.

I showed Helaine one I had manipulated and she cried “foul.” I have created a shot that didn’t exist.

She’s right of course&#185. I have changed reality. But shouldn’t I?

I think I have created a photo that more resembles what I saw than the image the camera captured. My eyes were able to produce more contrast than the camera could. I was able to look past the power lines. The words on the sign were in sharp focus at the same time the background was.

My memory of the scene is certainly romanticized and the photo now reflects that. I am not privy to the way Ansel Adams processed his film, but I would bet he changed the original image somewhat before he printed it.

My end product is not the ‘perfect’ print, but I think it’s better than the original.

&#185 – That Helaine is “right, of course” is a running theme of this blog and my life.

2 thoughts on “The Photographer’s Quandary”

  1. It would almost appear as you changed the weather as well, something that I’m sure you get accused of around here for doing. The clouds in the second picture look much more threatening

  2. Ever the fan of preserving reality in photography, you know I’m gonna say Helaine is right. I would send you my old Ansel Adams video showing him at work (and as he was printing) —IF only someone had been kind enough to return it to me almost a decade ago.

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