Writing While Traveling

Over the past few years I’ve documented my vacation trips by writing about them here on the web. Usually, when I’m writing about life on the road, hits on this website go up&#185. Still, I have wondered whether it was really an exercise in futility, taking time away from my vacation?

Today I decided it was all worthwhile, and all because of the short emails I’ve gotten every day (as have a half dozen others) from my friend Wendie. She has left Miami for a quick vacation to Iceland!

Who would have thought to vacation in Iceland? Not me. But I have been reading Wendie’s notes with interest – looking forward to each one.

good morning to all.

it has snowed here overnight and the city is covered in a blanket of white….

hopefully it will not keep up.. i want to spend the morning putzing around downtown

a bit.. we leave for the airport at 1:30 pm…

yesterday was another amazing day… the golden circle tour…

geysers, waterfalls, craters, you name it.. this island is a volcanic wonderland.

the weather was windy.. but at least there was no precipitation…

another fabulous dinner.. at another fabulous restaurant.. i guess when

you spend 4 months of the year in almost total darkness, you learn how to cook.

and.. another cab driver who spends time each year in florida … this time orlando.

i’ll be home later tonight…

love to all,


They’re not long, but I’ve gotten a feel for her trip. Prices are high. Food is good. Sights are spectacular. It snows.

It’s like being there, without needing gloves. I’m glad she wrote. I’m probably not alone in feeling that.

&#185 – They go up in a dependable fashion, though not by great numbers. As it turns out, only about 1/3 of daily readers come to the home page first. Most of my readers have searched for something online (using Google, for instance) and go to an ‘inside’ page.

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