On The Beach At Hammonasset

Here’s an employment hint to start off this entry. If you’re going to be at a job, longevity has its rewards. I get lots of vacation after 21 years.

With my parents in town, I decided to use a few and today Steffie and I took them to the beach.

Helaine didn’t go because Helaine hates sand! She always has as far as I know.

There are a number of beaches to choose from in Connecticut. I used to give them a bad rap, but some are actually quite nice. The water in Long Island Sound, once an embarrassment is reasonably good now – not perfect, but good.

We decided to go to Hammonasset State Park, on the shore in Madison. It’s a two mile long beach surrounded by pristine marshland.

As in-state residents we paid $7 for parking and then drove in. I’m sure there is a difference from beach to beach, but we drove until we got to East Beach, said this seemed fine, and walked to the water.

The parking areas and tidal marsh are separated from the beach by a berm covered in wildflowers. This time of year they’re blooming purple. Very pretty.

My toe is still killing me, so we walked (I hobbled) down a small path to the water’s edge. The beach wasn’t empty by any means, but I could see ten times this many people on the weekend. Most of the activity was centered near the parking areas with the shoreline between the ‘official beaches’ pretty empty.

This time of year, the water is frigid. There were a few souls who ventured out, but most of beachgoers were happy to lay around or dip their toes (very soothing to mine).

Though it was very hot inland, there was little breeze at all and so the beach was not a cool as expected. Still, it was a refreshing relief and a nice place to visit.

The sad fact is, I can’t count my trips to the beach over the last 21 years on the fingers of one hand. My parents, who live in a town with the name “Beach” in it, never go.

This is too good not to take advantage of.

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  1. Any suggestions on good freshwater public beaches, or swimming spots around here? I’m lousy at finding anything on the internet.

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