As Much As I Like Summer, This Is Too Much

I hate winter. So, by definition, I love summer. More simply, I love summer because it’s not winter!

However, unlike the obligation with children, I don’t have to love every summer’s day equally. Today would not be a favorite.

Here’s the latest observation from Meriden – the airport closest to me:

KMMK 281453Z AUTO 18006KT 1 1/4SM BR OVC006 22/22 A3007 RMK AO2 RAE44 CIG 003V010 SLP181 P0000 60002 T02220217 58010

I read that stuff for a living!

Without going into every sordid detail, here are the salient points.

“T02220217 ” means the temperature and dewpoint are 22.2&#176 and 21.7&#176 Celsius respectively – about 72&#176 and 71&#176 Fahrenheit. The humidity (calculated, not listed discretely in the observation) is 96%.

The most important number there is the dewpoint. If it gets to 60&#176, you feel humidity. At 65&#176 it gets uncomfortable. At 70&#176 it’s downright dangerous for sensitive people.

Though it’s not hot outside, it feels like you’re walking through life covered with a wet towel. Perspiring should help cool you. Under these conditions it doesn’t.

“1 1/4SM BR OVC006” means the visibility is 1.25 miles with mist and a solid cloud deck only 600 feet above your head. It’s gloomy and gray.

But again, it’s not winter. I’d take days like this forever to avoid snow and ice. In Connecticut, that puts me in the minority.

Of course people retire to Florida and not Bangor. There has to be a reason.

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