Fireworks Tonight

I have been worried all week about Fireworks scheduled for tonight in Hamden. If the fireworks go off as scheduled, they’ll be going on as a cold front approaches from the west. This time of year, that type of front often sets off thunderstorms.

Though the new computer ‘numbers’ play down the chance of thunderstorms a little and bring the lowest clouds in late – I’m not so sure I agree with the computer. It is a matter of nuance, not total disagreement. There is a significant chance for showers at dusk… a dusk which won’t be seen through gloomy low clouds.

With 20,000 people expected, sitting outside on the old Meadowbrook Golf Course, I’d rather not see them take a chance. Showers are bad enough, but lightning – that’s a whole other story.

I’m expecting a call from the fireworks chairman in a little while. I’m not sure what the downside is to him and the volunteer firemen who benefit from this, if this date must be changed. There’s no doubt everyone would be more comfortable tomorrow. Comfort is probably not enough to change the date.

I’m petrified, because I can’t say with absolute certainty whether there will or won’t be thunderstorms at 9:00 PM, they’ll be forced to carry on as scheduled. No one wants to put these 20,000 people at risk unnecessarily.

These are the forecasts I anguish over.

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