Someone I Played Against Is In The World Series Of Poker

I just looked at the list of the remaining 27 in the World Series of Poker.

Greg Raymer is there. He’s last year’s winner, and I’m pleased because he’s from Connecticut and seems like a good guy.

More interesting to me is number 13: Tommy Vu.

A few years ago Tommy Vu used to do real estate infomercials on late night TV. He had a yacht, big house and bikini clad babes. With his thick Vietnamese accent, he was anything but slick. That was probably the key to whatever success he had (at infomercials… if real estate was so good, why would he be hocking it on TV?).

Two years ago, at a real low stakes table at the Mirage in Las Vegas, I sat next to Tommy. It was most likely $2-$4 limit Texas Hold’em. $2-$4 is a level players of my skill set play so we can lose our money more slowly&#185!

He looked familiar. He was certainly well known in the poker room. Everyone said hello to Tommy. When he got up, someone told me who he was.

I remembered him immediately. No one watches more infomercials and other overnight crap on TV than me.

Obviously, Tommy has graduated. If he were to bust out now with 27 players remaining, he’d win $304,680. If he can hang onto his position, finishing at 13, he gets $600,000. This year, first place money is $7,500,000.

He probably didn’t learn anything from my play, though it’s likely I contributed to his buy in cash. Go Tommy!

&#185 – I actually think I play well enough now to clean up at $2-$4. That’s an easy statement to make while in my pajamas at home.

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