The Grades Are In

Everything is finally graded. I am done with my classes and got my A’s. Now, on to Birmingham!

6 thoughts on “The Grades Are In”

  1. I’ve told you privately, but wanted to say publicly, how proud I am of your accomplishment! You’re an inspiration to me and to our college-bound daughter!

  2. No small achievement. Congratulations. You’ve inspired me to look into a similar program (not in meteorology)- but following your progress gave me an idea of what it might be like.

  3. Congratulations, Geoff! You should be most proud. I hope Channel 8 gives this more than a passing mention. Maybe they could do a feature story on going back to school online and use you as the focus…now that would be interesting!

  4. just one question. are you kids going to the prom?

    good on ya , geoff. although , i think your graduate studies in probability on-line and in person in addition to our book learnin’ truly set you apart. you are the “weather dawg”


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