This Makes No Sense

I am hungry. It’s after midnight. I am currently not on speaking terms with carbohydrates.

I went to the refrigerator, foraging, and found a little container of ‘cherry size’ mozzarella.

It was unsealed, but I didn’t know that. I attempted, with great futility, to remove the lid. I even went at it with a knife… until Steffie yelled from the family room.

Oops. Can’t be trusted with food containers, obviously.

I took two and went to put the container back in the ‘fridge when a small note on the label caught my eye.

Probiotic Cultures Added

OK – interesting, but nothi… Hold on.

Probiotic!!! Isn’t that antibiotic’s evil twin?

If we take antibiotics when we’re sick, isn’t it a mistake to ever take a probiotic? Maybe this is “Mother Ossama’s Brand Cheese”?

Final thought here (in case the probiotic takes me down in my sleep). Even though I have all these questions and concerns, I still ate the two pieces of cheese. Who’s the idiot here?

One thought on “This Makes No Sense”

  1. Well, I was searching yahoo for “Permanent Records” or when they are cleared (I know… such contradicting… questions) when I saw your site. As soon as I clicked on it, I realized you were a genious (I know, my spelling has been horrid over the last week.)

    I don’t eat cheese… or yogurt for that matter… because of the added ingredients. And if I do eat yogurt, it’s soy yogurt. It still has the cultures, but atleast it’s soy, right?

    Someone told me something really sad happened in the Penguin movie. It didn’t seem worth my 7 bucks, so I didn’t see it. I judge things easily.

    You should be.. an author. Or you should be a journalist… something dealing with writing.

    Your entries are tangy. I like them.

    Have a nice… er… night… life?

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