What Are They Waiting For?

The 0600Z advisory is out and Rita is still Tropical Storm Rita.

I’m not saying that isn’t so, but I can’t believe the Hurricane Center still hasn’t made this storm into a hurricane. That small wind speed change would make a huge difference in perception.

The outward signs say Rita has already graduated.

We’ll see what happens at 5:00 AM. Well, we’ll see much later. I’ll be fast asleep at 5:00 AM.

One thought on “What Are They Waiting For?”

  1. I don’t think the Hurricane Center should start basing their intensity forecasts on public perception of the threat. They should strive for the most accurate representation of what the storm actually is.

    Isn’t it the responsibility of the forecasters, especially those in south Florida, to make the public aware that this storm will most likely be a hurricane as it passes just south of the Keys?

    Also keep in mind that the folks in the keys have weathered three storms in the past year; so this is nothing new to them.

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