Incessant Rain

I am supposed to work this morning, filling in at 6:00 AM. The fact that it’s already past 1:00 AM and I’m writing this isn’t a good sign.

I tried to get some rest and was asleep for a while… until the phone rang. But it was the noise of the rain that kept me from falling back to sleep.

There is no thunder, yet this rain is as loud as I’ve ever heard. On the roof, it was a low pitched steady rumble.

Radar estimates show 4-5″ of rain over my house in the last day or so. A school in my town with one of our Weatherbug stations confirms 4″+. It’s a ridiculous amount of rain – well over a month’s worth.

The showers will taper off for a while, but I don’t expect them to be gone. The next few days will be wet. It’s tough to think they’ll be quite this wet. If they are, we’re in big trouble.

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