Sixth Day Of Rain

I’ve got the radar on in another window. It’s startling, amazing, mind boggling – take your pick. For six days we’ve had rain.

Much of the time the rain has been light or mist and drizzle, but there have been plenty of times when the heavens have opened with very heavy rain. Some towns are now over 10″ since last Friday!

How much more can we take? I ask that on two levels. From a meteorological, or more accurately hydrological standpoint, how much more rain can we get before flooding becomes a widespread event?

When I check the gauges, I see the major rivers are rising again. I think the extent of ‘rain to come’ has been underestimated in the hydrological projections.

On an emotional level, how much longer can we go without seeing the Sun before people start going a little stir crazy? We’re near the threshold on that too.

I know the Floods of ’55 weren’t properly predicted. We’re nowhere near that level, and the state has a series flood control dams that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Still, there’s a lot of water and I’ve got a lot of worry.

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