Too Close For Comfort

The soundtrack is Spencer Davis Group’s&#185 “Gimme Some Lovin’.” The video (film actually) shows my contemporaries from the 60s wearing granny glasses and tie dye, long hair over facial hair, with a VW camper thrown in for good measure.

This commercial couldn’t be more aimed toward me.

The fantasy only ends when they dissolve from the long hairs to these 40 and 50 year olds. Damn you television – I can’t handle the truth.

The problem is, all these ‘simpler times’ images are trying to sell grown up financial planning. That was the last thing I was thinking about back then. Even now that I’m the target demo, the company sponsoring this ad knows I won’t watch unless they seduce me.

The funny part is, as much as they show these images, back when I looked that way, I would not have been welcomed with open arms. Now, they can’t live without me.

Funny how times change, isn’t it?

&#185 – As it turns out, the Spencer Davis Group (now touring in Germany) has a website.

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