Something I Should Have Done Weeks Ago

This is embarrassing. A few weeks ago I told my friend Paul Bass I’d make mention of his new news site, The New Haven Independent.

Though the site is a “dot org” it also answers to “dot com” and I suppose this is part of Paul’s liberal slant… maybe going “dot com” makes it look too much like a business? It’s OK Paul. No one expects you to conjure up food to feed your family.

Paul is a brilliant writer and reporter. More than that, he digs. He knows where the bodies are buried or at least where to find someone who knows where the bodies are buried.

On more than a few cases I have suggested to more than a few bosses that we hire Paul. I suspect he is looked upon as a lightning rod and that tends to make people want to keep their distance.

Paul’s website is very New Haven-centric, and that’s why I don’t feel it’s a conflict to make mention of it. There is virtually no coverage outside the city itself. My television station is a statewide voice.

I have no idea how Paul will turn this into a commercial venture. It’s gotta be tough getting eyeballs. He certainly won’t make it if he gets a sized audience.

Still, many of the stories are gritty and interesting. I hope he does well. More voices are always a good thing.

Blogger’s Note – I had forgotten to write about Paul until I got my daily email from the Poynter Institute:

Former Alt Journalist Starts Site in New Haven

Paul Bass, formerly of the New Haven Advocate (Connecticut), has

launched a community journalism site at

. His logic, funding, thoughts

about corporate journalism, and other information about him and the site

are outlined in this article


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  1. Ha Ha – I too took a “snow day” on Monday and am still tired. Imagine if we’d polished off that bottle of Captain Morgans.

    Feel better, cuz.

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