Childhood Fantasy Realized

I can close schools! It’s true – I’ve got the power.

No, I’m not talking about putting out a snowy forecast and watching superintendents squirm (though I’m sure that does happen… I squirm too). This has to do with the process of closing schools.

When the ‘designated closer’ calls my TV station, it is my voice on the other end with the decision tree prompts.

“One hour delay, no AM kindergarten.” Is that cool, or what?

Unfortunately, what should have been easy has become protracted after we tried to feel our way around a new system. It’s no one’s fault and it will be fixed before the first flakes fall, but it has caused me to record my prompts twice already, with a third try scheduled for this afternoon.

What struck me as I read the short phrases was how many different iterations of closing or delay there are. And, of course, we need to be prepared for each and every one. There are dozens of possibilities.

I suppose it won’t be long before we put the system through its first workout. The first snow often comes around Thanksgiving, about three weeks from now. That begins the difficult time for school administrators… and for me.

Forecasting snow is the most difficult job I have. I am hoping and praying for good guidance and better luck. Blowing a snow forecast is the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

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