NBC News Live – Huh?

I just buzzed by the live telecast of West Wing. Good for NBC. I’m a fan of live television, working in it on a daily basis. Live puts an edge on this and any other show that’s missing once it goes to tape.

Unfortunately, in the lower right corner of the screen is an NBC News logo with the word LIVE above it.

This is a mistake. News and fiction need to be separated. There are already enough people who are suspicious of the separation between news and entertainment. This continues to blur the line.

West Wing’s producers undoubtedly want to make this seem as real as possible, but I think this particular move goes over the line.

2 thoughts on “NBC News Live – Huh?”

  1. Geoff,

    Your definately not alone in thinking such creative touches push the envelope well into a gray area. I do believe that Joe average American posseses the facultys to derive fact from fiction but in this age of digital manipulation, the folks who make entertainment should know better and those who report the news should be more wary than ever of being misled.

  2. I thought the fake debate was terrific, but I too, was disturbed by involvement of a real moderator (Forrest Sawyer) and NBC News’ Logo.

    GE Universal probably thought this was a brilliant synergy, but it may have the opposite effect if it damages NBC News.

    Huntley and Brinkley would have walked if they saw this.

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