Another Little Movie

Our loosely knit group is making another movie this Saturday. This is a little different structure than the last, and I’m hoping the reduced pressure means a better finished product… though who knows?

This time the whole thing is run by a company called Midnight Movie Making Madness LLC. I wonder why they need to limit their liability?

It’s a two week contest, though the first week is nearly over and hasn’t been used for any production.

In this competition, every team gets assigned a genre and subject. Instead of that being an impediment, this time it is helpful! We are making a SciFi movie that contains a card game.

Excellent! At least I have some props we’ll need.

We have a free mailing group through Google (is there anything Google doesn’t do?), so I threw out some ideas and a rough plot line. It didn’t take long for some suggestions to come back and the plot changed.

As much as I thought I had a good idea, the suggestions were better! I’m not going to reveal our plot here, but it’s pretty cool. There’s even a payoff!

Now the question is, can we carry it off? I’ve got an idea about a few simple special effects. Can our editor (his ‘real’ job is physician researcher) carry it off? He’s game, but not only will the techniques be new to him – so will the concept.

Meanwhile there’s a lot to think about and look forward to. Of course when we’re done, I’ll post the film online. You don’t do something like this without expecting it to be viewable.

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  1. I’ll bet they are limiting their incidental liability in anticipation of potential collateral damage from special effects experiments.

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