Global Warming Monkey Wrench

I am somewhat skeptical about all the gloom and doom of Global Warming. I’m not saying the theories aren’t based in fact (we do know CO2 is a greehouse gas). It just seems as if the calculations are overdone.

I would feel better if Global Warming proponents mentioned the positive effects of their theory along with the doom. Isn’t that what imparital scientists do?

Just about all the operational meteorologists I know are skeptics. Nearly all the meteorologists who are cited as proponents are theoretical or research guys. Us day-to-day guys aren’t quick to jump on the multi-decadal forecast bandwagon as long as we’re having trouble getting Friday right on Monday.

Today I read an article which again puts the whole thing up in the air. I’m inclduing this link, but with the proviso that I can’t/won’t vouch for the author.

This new article says the Sun is getting warmer. We notice it from space probes and think we see evidence on other plants, like the shrinking polar ice cap on Mars.

Astrophysicists are scratching their heads about what’s happening on the sun and in our solar system. Why has this so-called “Solar Minimum” been so active? It should be quiet now with very few sunspots because this is supposed to be the low point of the Sun’s 11-year-sunspot cycle. But this week, there was a sunspot called 822 that’s 87,000 miles across – the size of the planet Jupiter! Could it erupt with more powerful X-flares as has happened the past few months. Big flares threaten all the broadcast, global positioning and military satellites that now orbit our planet. As I’ve reported before in Earthfiles, the sun is not “normal.” Is it warming up? Earth’s North Pole and Mars’s South Pole are melting at a surprisingly rapid rate. Even far out Pluto seems to show some melting. Is the sun a bigger player in all this than originally thought?

Yes – on the face of it, the science sounds right. I just don’t know if the books are cooked.

It has become more and more difficult to fight the tide of Global Warming pronouncements. Not because there’s more science, because there are more an louder voices.

I’m curious how this article will fit into the discussion.

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