Stupid Button

I just left my friend Bob voice mail. I knew what I wanted to say, but added something toward the end and went off on a tangent. Can I get a do-over?

Both voice mail and email call out for the ability to reel in what you’ve just done.

Email, specifically is very bad at conveying nuance – so a clever turn of phrase can be perceived as the equivalent of dropping the f-bomb. I try and avoid it, but I get emails from others that convey more emotion than the sender thinks he’s included, all the time.

So, if you’re the designer of the next generation of voice mail or email, include that do-over button – would you?

4 thoughts on “Stupid Button”

  1. Geoff:

    Most voicemail systems [cell/work/personal] give you the option of a “do-over.” You usually would press the * or # key to allow this.

  2. Boy you hit the nail on the head with this one Geoff! I have had more mis-steps with both email and voice mail. And more times than i can count my emails have gotten me into hot water because the tone that was received was not the tone i meant to send.

    Fortunately here at work i can pull back both email and voice mail, but outside our office/network, I’m out of luck!

  3. Smitty is right on this. Sending e-mail to your wife that is meant for your secret lover is a prime example of when a “do-over” button would be helpful.

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