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Unlike a ‘real’ commercial website, I can screw around with this one to my heart’s content. From time-to-time I add (then remove) neat items. Today it’s an addition.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the column on the right hand side, you’ll see an icon for BF Mapstats. No need to scroll. You can click here too!

The link goes to a page that displays the last 100 hits on my site, by location&#176, plotted on a lovely Google map. Ya’ gotta love the Internet.

Helaine feels it’s like stalking, but the links also reveal the search criteria that brought some people here.

I’m not sure which is more terrifying, what was “googled”, or the fact that those terms link back to me.

By the way – though IP addresses are revealed when you surf this and any other site, I really have no idea (in most cases) whose IP address it is. Trust me, without a court order, your ISP isn’t going to tell me and I don’t want to know.

&#176 – If it looks like Meriden, CT is over represented, I think that’s a product of our local phone company’s DSL service being based there. If you’re using SBC DSL, more than likely it looks like you’re in Meriden.

3 thoughts on “Something New And Cool”

  1. That’s awesome!

    There are MANY new websites that use Google Map for interesting locations… I saw one that puts up a petition for long, unnecessary stop lights!


  2. Of course I do get to see all the IPs on my server log. All I can tell is somewhere upstream, you’re using Bell Canada.

    It’s a great service Ahmed, and I look forward to writing an entry about my fascination with why/how people find my site, which blogflux definitely reveals. Some of the search entries that are referred to me boggle the mind.

    All the best,


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