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My friend Bob has turned into a one man publishing army. He’s got two blogs and another website all up and running. It’s not easy feeding three of these on a daily basis.

Bob used to be my expert on all things audio. I guess he still is. Now, his more eminent expertise is in home theater. There’s a subject I know zip about.

It’s amazing to look at all he’s written at Lots of things I’ve wondered about are explained… well, except for that how to pay thing.

Bob and I were talking this afternoon, and somehow the topic moved over to search engines like Google and Yahoo!. Bob said his site isn’t in Google’s index. I just looked – he’s right!

As he explains it, there is a sandbox period when you exist, Google knows you exist, but they won’t add you to their database. Ouch! A huge portion of my daily traffic is driven by web surfers who’ve hit Google or Yahoo! or MSN. Without their help, how would anyone know I’m here?

How does anyone know Bob’s there?

The search engines scour this site all the time. Google’s here as often as the #7 train rolls through Willets Point. I give up hundreds of megabytes in bandwidth a month to keep them happy. It’s a worthwhile trade.

You can see I’ve added links to Bob’s sites in this entry and included the blog’s address in the text. I don’t know if it will help… it can’t hurt. Bob’s sites deserve to be seen.

3 thoughts on “Bob Wood’s Blogs”

  1. Geoff-

    If one does a Google search for “” home page your friends pages do show up, with numerous hits. Thus his site is at least in their data base index; albeit maybe in the “sand box” phase?

    Searching just “great home theater”, as you noted, does not respond with his links from Google (nor Yahoo or MSN). Google does list nearly 15,000 hits for that phrase though — I wonder if his site will ever rise to near the top of the search results, given the “generic nature” of his site url name.


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