Who’s Hot In Your Family?

From time-to-time I’ll get calls from policemen or public officials asking for weather info. Because I don’t want to be someone’s expert witness, called into court, I just tell them where the data is (sometimes holding their hand while they get it).

A few weeks ago the call was from a building inspector in a nearby town. After taking care of him, I asked a favor. “By law, how warm must a residential building be heated?”

I wasn’t totally surprised when he told me 65&#176.

“So, you mean, I can have Helaine arrested?”

Helaine doesn’t keep the house this cold because she’s looking to hang meat. It’s this cold because it’s her comfort level. It isn’t mine.

We are not alone. By law, no married couple has the same internal thermostat! Whether it’s the husband or wife, who specifically is cold/hot doesn’t matter. Their spouse will be the opposite.

When I was single, living in a Buffalo apartment that had a measurable wind chill, I could often be found on my sofa, naked. Those days are long gone.

Nowadays I’m a flannel wearing, white sock footed, shivering, wuss. I think Helaine walks around drinking iced tea and fanning herself.

There’s no way around this other than compromise… which is what we do. We compromise and let her set the thermostat.

One thought on “Who’s Hot In Your Family?”

  1. Helaine could come hang out here, we have our heat set at 60. Luckily both my husband and I do agree on this. (cost saving measure and almost comfortable for us) Our upstairs bedroom gets even COLDER!!

    (guess we should watch out for those inspectors!)

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