We Saw The Family Stone

Wow – Helaine points out this is two weeks in a row we’ve gone out. It has not gone to waste.

We had dinner at the Glenwood Drive-In in Hamden. I wouldn’t normally mention that, but for two points.

First, it is an anachronism in this day. It is an old style, family owned restaurant. There is nothing ‘franchise’ about this fast food place. Rob, one of the grandchildren of the founder was there tonight.

The second interesting tidbit is, it’s owned by the Stone Family. Tonight’s movie, The Family Stone.

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

As has been well established, Helaine and I usually rotate in choosing a movie. She chooses the ones we enjoy, I choose the ones we don’t. It’s that simple.

Tonight was Helaine’s night to choose.

The Family Stone is an ensemble ‘dramedy.’ I didn’t know much more than that when we got to the theater.

It was early, so I called my friend Peter on the cellphone. He saw the movie last night, liked it, and then asked if I had any tissues? Though the commercials don’t dwell on this point, there’s plenty to cry about.


The story is a family’s Christmas, with a son bringing home his girlfriend… soon to be his fianc

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