Darlene Love Kills Again

Though I was taping the performance, I still convinced Steffie to let me come downstairs, interrupt whatever slice of reality was currently airing on VH1 or MTV, and watch Darlene Love perform “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on David Letterman’s last show before Christmas.

This is more than an obsession to me. I start pining for Darlene around Thanksgiving.

Tonight’s performance was great.. spectacular… choose your own superlative.

David Sanborn, who stepped out of a box to play saxophone last year, flew in from the lighting grid this year, ending his solo as his feet hit the ground.

Later this morning I’ll convince Helaine to watch, then I’ll watch again… and again. I’m sure I watched last year’s performance at least 20 times.

2 thoughts on “Darlene Love Kills Again”

  1. Geoff (or whomever sees this),

    I listen to Darlene’s Christmas songs over and over and . . .

    I was devastated to know that I missed her performance with David Letterman. I logged onto Letterman’s home page and watched the video clip. However, I can’t seem to downoad the video clip.

    Is it possible for you to send me the clip? If necessary, I am willing to send you a blank DVD and pay postage.

    Sincerely appreciate your help.


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