Photos… And The Dumb Photographer Who Took Them

I spent a good part of the weekend doing the grunt work so I could put some vacation photos here . Take a look if you get a chance. I think they give you a feel for cruising.

That’s the good news… meaning there’s bad news.

I had my laptop on the cruise. So I shot photos each day I’d transfer them to the laptop. Back home I moved them from the laptop to my desktop machine and backed them up to a DVD.

I took enough pictures to fill 90% of a DVD. This is an obsession.

With all the photos moved off the laptop, I proceeded to do a little tweaking. That worked so well, I did some on the desktop machine too. Everything was great.

Last night, as I began to run through the photos one-by-one, I noticed some were missing! Somehow I hadn’t transferred them, erased them at the source and wiped out the Recycle Bin.

Gone, gone, gone.

It could have been worse. It turns out I somehow lost the first day (our trip to Los Angeles – big deal) and the last day, as the ship pulled into Los Angeles and we flew home.

There were some neat photos of the port, which is huge and much busier than any facility I’ve ever seen, but that’s not exactly the meat of the vacation.

The funny thing is, all this happened at an instant when I decided to be organized and actually make a back-up.

One thought on “Photos… And The Dumb Photographer Who Took Them”

  1. THAT, and losing one of those dime-sized memory cards are among the NIGHTMARES of digital. I feel your pain, but I’m glad it wasn’t something even more crucial or special.

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