There She Is…

It’s 8:11 PM and the 52 Miss America contestants have just introduced themselves on TV. I’m telling you, because you probably didn’t/couldn’t watch.

After years of being on NBC and then ABC, Miss America has moved to CMT. CMT used to be Country Music Television. Not hip enough? CMT it is!

CMT doesn’t get quite the channel position ABC or NBC get. On my cable system, ABC is on channel 7, NBC on channel 4 and CMT is channel 146.

Until 20 minutes ago I didn’t know there was a channel 146!

On my cable system you need to subscribe to the digital tier to get CMT. I can’t give you the exact statistics, but that’s got to hold down the available audience.

Most of the contestants were attractive, poised, well dressed and well spoken. Not all of them.

At least four or five times, Helaine and I had a “what was she thinking” moment. Weird hair. Weird dress. Too much makeup.

The host is James Denton from Desperate Housewives. He’s OK – nothing glaringly wrong, but I wish he were a little more enthusiastic. From time-to-time he’ll fire off an ad lib and you can sense he’s clever, but he’s not breaking out. The host sets the tone.

Judging by their brief intros, most of these young women want to get into TV news. Great. Just what I need – good looking, young competition. Wouldn’t you like to write for a newspaper?

As I’ve been typing, 42 contestants have been eliminated, including poor Miss Connecticut. Of the ten on their way to the finals, only two or three are blond!

If I were at work tonight, Ann, one of our anchors would have already picked the winner. She’s uncanny and always right.

As it is, based on physical beauty and the swimsuit competition, I’m still at a loss. The night’s young.

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