Old Photo From Junior High

While I was cleaning this past weekend, I came across a bunch of things I hadn’t seen in a while. That includes the attached photo.

I am not the shortest boy, but pretty close. I am one boy left of center in the front row.

As far as I can remember, I was in the 7th grade a Campbell Junior High School (JHS 218) on Main Street in Flushing, at the time. A teacher at the school, Frank Skala&#185, organized student trips. These were organized by Mr. Skala (back row, farthest left) and weren’t ‘official’ school trips.

This trip was to Cape Cod. It was the first and only time I’ve been to Cape Cod! As you can see by our clothes, it was off-season.

Here’s what I remember from the trip – nothing.

Actually, I take that back. I remember going to McDonalds. That was significant, because it was my first McDonalds and my first ‘fast food restaurant.’

A few things to note:

Look at the hair! What were they thinking.

Whe was the last time you saw that many 7th, 8th or 9th graders dressed in jackets and ties?

Look how few adults there were for this many teens. I was too young, stupid, innocent, to be a problem. I assume I was an exception in that regard.

I wish I could remember anyone shown. I don’t.

I think the guy to the right of Mr. Skala is the bus driver. Another teacher from the school (who wasn’t on the trip) has identified two other teachers pictured. Even after reading their names, I don’t remember them.

I was only in this school two years, still shouldn’t I remember somebody… anybody?

&#185 – If I knew how to get in touch with Frank Skala, I’d send him this photo file. He was very active in the teacher’s union. He’s probably retired now. I know he is a community activist in Bayside, NY. I’m usually good at this, but I can’t find an email address for him or a website for his organization.

3 thoughts on “Old Photo From Junior High”

  1. The picture from Campbell includes my mother (second from right)Sara Gold in the back. I attended Campbell 1959-62. My Mom stayed there going on many of Skala’s trips and I believe my Dad went on a few trips.

    Frank Skala is still alive and living in the house that he was raised in. He does not
    have a computer so no email for him.

    Jerry Gold

  2. I went to Campbell from 1964-67. As I remember it it was required that boys had to wear
    a tie everyday. That rule was being put to the test by the time I graduated & my younger brother attended. Skala had no patience for those who did not follow the rules. He was a tough guy.

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