Livin’ La Vida Steffie

Stef flew home from Florida last night. She spent a week with my folks. That, of course, follows our week plus Pacific cruise vacation.

She hasn’t seen the inside of a classroom since late December and won’t pick up a book until next week.

Envious? You bet I am!

Unfortunately for Stef, no matter what Helaine and I say, there’s no way she can understand this isn’t what life is really like or how good she has it. After school there will never be these huge opportunities to unwind, kick back and regroup.

I guess when you’re 18 it easy to be confused into thinking the real world is like the Real World.

2 thoughts on “Livin’ La Vida Steffie”

  1. AT 11:00 pm Iam waiting to hear “D,ont go to bed yet! There is more news to come! Iam now watching another station.

  2. Geoff, you are sorely missed. I join the list of those not watching WTNH. You are a gentleman and your comments about not taking out our anger on the other anchors demonstrate that. Unfortunately I cannot in good conscience continue to support a station that has no respect for it’s personnel or for it’s viewers. Mark Higgins should be the person looking for employment. I remember the first day you arrived at the station and you had a loyal fan from that day. I am very saddened by this and I hope that the station will get the message.
    Good luck to you and your family. I hope you stay in Connecticut because we really need you.

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