I Hate To Change The Forecast

My work week began Sunday. As I looked at the weather maps Sunday afternoon I immediately said cold, but not stormy. The worst I saw were a few snow showers over the week. That changed today.

The 12z and then the 18z runs of the GFS&#185 brought the flurry maker closer to the shore and intensified it. With the storm a few days out, one run of the models would have concerned me… two will cause me to change my forecast.

I hate changing the forecast.

When I change the forecast, that’s an admission I was wrong. And, since I won’t hide the forecast change, it also puts added attention of the new forecast.

For the next few days I’ll be on edge… probably a little irritable. If I have to change it again, I’ll become sullen.

Ask Helaine and she’ll tell you what the two operative words in my life will be for the next few days, “as forecast.” That’s all I want – for the weather to be “as forecast.”

If it were only that easy.

&#185 – In order to coordinate worldwide weather readings, we all use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is abbreviated as “Z”. Eastern Standard Time is 5 hours behind “Z”. So, 12z is actually 7:00 AM where I am. Confused yet?

2 thoughts on “I Hate To Change The Forecast”

  1. Hopefully my sarcasm came through when I said a “little”. Good luck with the forecast. My parents are flying out of BDL to Wisconsin on Saturday morning. Hopefully the storm doesn’t speed up.


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