Off To New York City

At the moment I’m on a Sunday through Thursday schedule. It’s weird, because I’m so used to Monday through Friday. I suppose it makes little difference to my life.

Anyway, with Friday off, I’ve convinced Helaine to go to New York and take in a show. Steffie will be meeting us in the city, possibly with her mystery roommate – a girl spoken of, but never actually seen… at least by me.

I’ve perused the list of shows possibly available at TKTS and my number one choice is “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” There’s never any guarantee a show will be ‘on the board,’ but you hope.

My camera batteries are charged. I’m ready to go.

Meanwhile, my friend Bob has asked if he can send me the new computer model numbers via text messaging to my cellphone. Of course!

Is this a wonderful time to be alive or what?

4 thoughts on “Off To New York City”

  1. That’s a great show- hope you get in. There’s a lot of good stuff on Bwy right now- you’ll probably get tickets to something you’ll like.

  2. Geoff,

    In the city myself this weekend – LeBernardin tonite and then Barefoot in the Park. You should love 25APCSB – silly fun but highly reminiscent of our youth. I’m riding out the storm here and hoping to be able to get home Sunday eve.

  3. Have you seen “Wicked” yet? Heard that it was great, but haven’t seen it myself as of yet. Hope you had a great time either way! Love your site.

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