Did I Speak Too Soon?

Photo from my Motorola RAZR cameraphone

Snow scene near my house

Originally uploaded by Geoff Fox.

I have now gotten three mean emails. They were sent using a web form, and it’s tough to tell when they were written. My guess is, these were people who didn’t see snow early and threw out the rest of the forecast.

I only wish I could speak to them as they were getting angry with me. Really. Most of the time the anger is misguided.

I make my share of mistakes, but the biggest problem with blown forecasts is that people sometimes hear something other than what I say. That’s why perception is so much more important than the actual numbers.

3 thoughts on “Did I Speak Too Soon?”

  1. Geoff,

    Just saw Gil on The Weather Channel. It was a good LIVE shot. Living here in Wisconsin now, it was nice to see Channel 8 on TV.


  2. Hey Geoff, you gotta make it snow more often. I’m a UConn student and the snow cancelled classes. On a different subject. I recognized you were using movable type to power your blog just by the layout.

    I’ll see you on the news.


  3. Geoff, a little off with the amounts up here in Northern Ct. Coming off nearly 22 inches of snow, 5 inches doesn’t seem that big a deal.

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