It Works – The New Computer Works

It Works – The New Comput

I finished a little too late to report back, but the new PC seems to work and it’s really fast!

I haven’t closed the case yet, but it is louder than I anticipated. Hopefully, some of that will go away with it buttoned up. I was surprised Monarch installed the Zallman cooler, but not the speed control ‘pot’ (slower fan equals less noise).

That’s in now.

It is strange to see how this dual core processor works. It’s almost like having two computers running at once. I will learn more.

When I left the house, a full backup of the early install was being burned to a DVD. That’s just in case I prang it tonight.

Still to come, an extra hard drive controller (it will have 5 drives before I’m finished), and a video capture/TV tuner card. I’m also considering adding a dual boot installation of Ubuntu Linux (so the computer can be Windows or Linux at any given moment).

It’s very cool – especially since it fired up the first time and I even plugged all the pilot lights in correctly so they actually work.

On a network, each computer is usually named. All my PCs are named after characters from Rocky and Bullwinkle (this idea stolen from my friend Bob whose computers are named for characters on the Simpsons). This new one is “Peabody.”

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