Harold And Betty – How We Met

While down in Florida last week, I videotaped my parents talking about how they met and married and ended up on a honeymoon with another couple! I spent much of yesterday editing it into shape.

Of all the things I’ve put on this website, this might be the most satisfying.

My parents are very sweet and very much still in love. You’ll see. This is well worth watching.

8 thoughts on “Harold And Betty – How We Met”

  1. Geoff-thanks for sharing this wonderful video!! Your parents are absolutely incredible. Would love to hear more of their stories!! The video format was superb as well. Thanks for sharing with your blog readers!! Evi

  2. Geoff. You are good, I have been reading you’re site since I found it. You’re mom and dad look real good, god bless them. We got married in Jan also,and also stayed at the marriot in Washington DC, THATS IS WHERE i BROKE MY NOSE ICE SKATING ON THE POOL THAT WAS FROZEN OVER. Keep up the good wo

  3. Uncle Geoff, this was great! I am so glad that you took the time to do this. This is something that will always mean a lot to our family.

  4. Thanks to all for posting here. I really enjoyed making this video and I know my folks have enjoyed sharing it.

    In fact, this afternoon, my mom said she wanted to tape her remembrances of childhood in Brooklyn. This from someone who was originally reticent to tape what’s here now!

  5. Geoff ~ do you happen to have a transcript, for the few of us who have terribly slow connection speeds and can’t watch?

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