Thanks Elena

Web traffic’s way up for the past few days. Must be Elena Dementieva!

From Google News:

Sharapova ousts Dementieva to lift Pacific Life Open title – Daily Times – 3 hours ago

Sharapova dominates Dementieva in all Russian final – Sports Network – Mar 18, 2006

Dementieva: 3-setter, anyone? – San Diego Union Tribune – Mar 17, 2006

A few years ago, at the Pilot Pen, I took some photos of her and posted them to my gallery. Somehow Google felt they were ‘important’ enough to show with their first page of Dementieva pictures.

Now, whenever she does well, so do I. Let the clicks begin.

At this moment, I have about twice the traffic I’d normally have on a Sunday evening. I hope she does better next time.

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