About My Parents

While down in Florida a few weeks ago, I put my folks on tape. They told me how they met, courted, married and went on their honeymoon. Their stories are quite sweet and heartfelt.

As it turns out, they necked on the sofa for much of the first night they met! Then, the next day at the beach, my mom showed up to find my dad with another girl. When they broke up, my grandfather asked my dad to come to their apartment to fix a zipper – a ruse to get them back together.

Like most stories of romance, and life in general, it was not a direct route from point “A” to point “B”.

I edited the tape to give them a DVD – one of my most rewarding experiences ever. The resulting video is a memory which will be passed down through the generations in our family.

Entries on this blog fall off the front page after a while. But, I wanted as many people to see this as possible, so there’s now a permanent link to the video on the right. Or, click one of the links in this entry.

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