Forecasts Get Results

There was a story in USA Today today (that just sounds and looks so wrong) about insurance rates in Maine. They’re going up.

I’ve edited for space and added bold text for emphasis. It’s always better to read the full article.

Maine homeowners may see higher insurance rates


3 thoughts on “Forecasts Get Results”

  1. Of course, talk of tragedy will always recieve attention. I due believe the northeast may be hit by a hurricane someday (and no offense geoff) but my guess on exactly when one will hit is just as good as his, at least until there is one headed for Connecticut for sure then Geoff and I would have similiar viewpoints, All I’m trying to say is, it will happen when it happens. It could be 2006 or 2026, who knows hurricane season hasnt started yet

  2. Geoff you make a good point, evne if we never get hit by a hurricane again we should be able to have the comfort of knowing that our local officials are making preparations but they arent. It worked a little differently in Orlando, but thats Florida, this is Connecticut

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