Sleet – Are You Kidding?

The photo on the left shows the skylight window in my bathroom. Those are little pieces of ice sitting there in the wet.

In case you’ve been hermetically sealed, it’s awful outside! At one point, early last week, I expected frozen precipitation to mix in with the rain today – then I foolishly changed my mind.

While still in bed, I heard the clinking of tiny sleet pellets bouncing off my house. I wasn’t pleased.

Sleet in a winter thing. Hail is its summer equivalent. They look similar. After all, they’re both pieces of ice. The difference is in how they form.

I have to call this sleet. You are free to call it what you wish.

The radar is full of the brighter colors that signify heavy precipitation. In this case, it’s the sleet, more than the intensity that’s being shown.

Sleet, with a coating of liquid water on the outside, is like a very shiny mirror to the radar. The technical term is ‘bright banding.’ It can fool you if you’re not careful.

The outside temperature, and the water on the ground, will keep the sleet from causing problems here. I know, from friends, this has been snow farther north. Their problems will be real, though short lived.

Hello? It’s April 8th for heaven’s sake. Enough already.

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