The Next Killer App – Google Calendar

Wow – Google has done it again. I’ve just started playing around with their new calendar app. It will be (nearly) as big a tool as search!

I have always wanted to organize (and trust me – I need to organize), but the idea of carrying something like a PDA everywhere seemed a little overwhelming. And, let’s face it – unless you’ve got your calendar everywhere, it’s pretty much worthless.

Because Google’s site holds all your information on their servers, you can retrieve the calendar data from anywhere.

I’ve only scratched the surface, but it seems to have all the bells and whistles to keep me on schedule. I’m not totally sure how it’s integrated into Gmail, though I know it is.

Say what you will about Google and it’s reach, but they seem to understand where success lies and how to achieve it in a simple to use, nearly universal, application.

4 thoughts on “The Next Killer App – Google Calendar”

  1. At first my thoughts were with Steve, what’s so great? I’ve been using the Yahoo Calendar for some time now, but it does seem a bit “clunky.”

    After playing with the Google Calendar, this discovery makes me a little sad, I was just coming to like Yahoo! more with it’s AT&T Yahoo! Mail Beta format (click and drag mail – similar to Outlook) Now they’ve just been downgraded a bit in my book.

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