The Guy On Canal Street Directing Traffic

This is one of those strange things that can only happen in New York.

Helaine and Steffie were in a store. I was on the sidewalk. I noticed the collective body language of a cluster of people up the street. It’s funny the signs you subconsciously pick out. Something was going on.

I had my camera, so I made my way to the corner and found a well dressed, middle aged man, directing traffic.

I shot a bunch of pictures and recorded a narration to explain what I saw. Attached is my 80 second documentary, “A Little Slice of New York.”

You’ll have to click the play button to make it start. It should easily stream on any broadband connection. Please let me know if you’re having any trouble, because I’d like to do more of these – and I want to do them right.

Blogger’s note: Do you know this guy? If you do, please let me know. I’m curious who he is.

5 thoughts on “The Guy On Canal Street Directing Traffic”

  1. Geoff– what an awesome way of blogging– video blogging! I enjoyed this, and I hope you do this again! (with the video)

    Very nicely narrated…


  2. Geoff I love the documentary. It makes me miss the city. Having frequented the city when I still lived near by, I can relate to this little adventure. That is what I love about it you never have the same experience twice.

  3. Thanks to both of you. I enjoyed putting this together. I suppose I should have written it out, instead of ad libbing, which would have made the track smoother.

    In this age of video, I think there’s still something to be said for the power of still images (even when I animate them).

    There will probably be more.

  4. If you have the plate number of the car, I may have a clue of who this guy is.

    You said in another forum he has NYP plates.

    Were they NY, NJ or CT plates?

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