Lots Of Rain

Good lord! Some areas of Connecticut got 8″ of rain in a bit over 24 hours. That’s two months worth!

I was lucky with just some puddles to ford, and “Lake Fox” growing (near the tree line, but away from the house) in the backyard.

On my way to work, I pulled over to take this shot of the normally tranquil brook that run a few hundred feet from my home. Over the years I’ve watched how it grows under these conditions.

First the river bed widens. Then, extra tributaries form from any low lying area.

The brook gets loud. What’s normally a whisper becomes a real raging torrent.

By later tonight, with the heavier rain gone, the brook will recede. There’s more rain tomorrow – hopefully not as bad.

I guess what makes this the most interesting is, we had Red Flag Warnings for high fire danger as recently as Friday. That’s past tense now.

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