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From time-to-time I get ideas for web based businesses. Sometimes I follow through – most times I don’t. That inability to consistently follow through is a great shortcoming.

Yesterday, one of those ideas began to burn a hole in my head and I had to follow through. There was just no stopping it.

I spent most of the late night hours and a little of today putting my idea together. It works. I can’t show it to you, but it works.

It’s amazing that I can sit down at a keyboard and have a thing of semi-beauty appear. And, to most people, it’s magic. The code I wrote looks like hieroglyphics to the unitiated.

What I’ve really learned in this exercise is how little I know.

There’s an old joke about a guy who buys a boat and wears a captain’s hat. He invites his parents onboard and asks them what they think?

His father responds, “To your mother, you’re a captain. To me, you’re a captain. But to a captain, you’re no captain.”

That’s me – no captain.

Without my friend Kevin’s help, and code that has been graciously left in the public domain, I’d be dead in the water. The site works, but the code is very sloppy.

I’m going to have to go and clean it up, because some day, I might want actually change things… and I’ll never be able to find my way around. In the meantime, from outward appearances, it looks pretty good and it’s quite functional.

Maybe I’m on to something.

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